Stami Digital Process Optimizer

When it comes to recognizing opportunities related to improving plant performance, a plant assessment is the essential starting point. Through a comprehensive analysis, Stamicarbon’s engineers can determine the current status of the plant and give advice on possible improvements. Stamicarbon offers several consulting services to analyze the plant status to gain more insights into the possibilities to advance your plant.

The challenge

To sustainably increase plant load and operational margins by improving plant operation is a challenging task. The Process Optimizer will advance your plant operators to plant supervisors who only have to guide the process through unpredicted upsets.

Our solution

The Process Optimizer helps to improve your operations and optimize plant performance.

The first step towards installing the Process Optimizer solution is performing an advanced assessment of your plant condition, process control and process dynamics. During the assessment, a process plant model is built and tuned specifically to your urea plant. The model results are validated during the assessment using actual plant data in a wide range of operating conditions.

The model allows the calculation of the optimal setpoints for the current plant operation, taking into account constraints and disturbances. Stamicarbon goes one step further by combining this with its process control solutions. As a result, the Process Optimizer acts like an autopilot for your urea plant. This approach enables the Process Optimizer to guarantee a sustainable efficiency increase of 2-5%.

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Our mission is to provide your organization with state-of-the-art software and quality services that allow you to control and optimize your processes and systems through well-trained and well-informed personnel. Check everything in our brochure and download now.


  • Calculate key process parameters
  • Compare expected and actual plant behavior
  • Monitor equipment and instrument performance
  • Improve plant stability
  • Achieve an increase in urea production (2-5%)
  • Reduce energy consumption (2-5%)
  • Receive increased process insight
  • Monitor ammonia emissions
  • Receive soft sensing laboratory data in real-time
  • Improve equipment reliability due to consistent, best-practice operation
  • Reduce the number of operator interventions
  • Predictive maintenance on instrumentation
  • Increased uptime
  • Minimal alarms

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