Nitric Acid

The challenge is to design a nitric acid plant with maximum energy recovery and the lowest investment costs for a wide range of single-train capacities. Stamicarbon can help with this by applying many decades of experience and retaining the reliability and operability from industrially proven elements appreciated by our customers.

We have been licensing a range of nitrate technologies since the 1930s and have designed over 40 nitric acid plants worldwide. Stamicarbon plants are renowned for their safety, reliability and best-in-class mono and dual-pressure nitric acid technology.

Nitric Acid Flow diagram
Nitric Acid Flow diagram

The process

Stamicarbon’s mono and dual-pressure nitric acid production processes are offered for a wide range of plant capacities up to 600MTPD (Mono pressure) or even 2000MTPD (Dual pressure). Both processes are characterized by high tail gas temperature, up to 480°C and are designed for maximum energy recovery, reliable operation and minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

  • N2O decomposition is favored by high tail gas temperature and takes place without the addition of an external agent like natural gas
  • Maximum energy recovery:
    • Extra power generation in the expansion turbine
    • Additional heat recovery step before releasing the tail gas to the atmosphere
  • Corrosion prevention design

Reduced costs

A smart heat exchanger layout also allows minimizing the well-known condensation/re-evaporation effect that causes severe corrosion effects. Consequently, the Stamicarbon nitric acid technology allows the use of common materials of construction which reduces the manufacturing cost of the heat exchangers notably.

Nitric Acid 3D Plant model
Nitric Acid 3D Plant model


We are eager to incorporate customer requests into our bespoke plant designs in order to meet your specific design requirements. Our flexibility allows us to work with different established EPC contractors.


  • Reliable process
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Low emissions
  • Corrosion prevention design

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