Our mission is to provide your organization with state of the art software instruments and quality services that allow you to control and optimize your processes and systems through well-trained and well-informed personnel. We want to help your organization in reducing waste, saving energy and produce in a safe and cost-effective way.

Our focus

Stamicarbon offers advanced high fidelity Operator Training Solutions with state of the art techniques that can be used in all levels of education, from technical students in training centers to experienced operators in chemical facilities. Stami Digital solutions can be used in different markets/segments.

Our products and services

With over 25 years of experience, we build excellent high fidelity Operator Training Simulators and several other Stami Digital solutions.

Stami Digital Process Monitor

Our Process Monitor is a steady state on-line process model that includes Stamicarbon’s state-of-the-art H&M balance, thermodynamic and kinetic urea models.


Stami Digital Training Simulator

Stamicarbon develops high fidelity Operator Training Simulator systems for a wide range of customers in different kind of industries. Customers of Stami Digital solutions are licensers, engineering contractors, plant owners as well as the training centers.

Stami Digital Process Optimizer

When it comes to recognizing opportunities related to improving plant performance, a plant assessment is the essential starting point. Through a comprehensive analysis, Stamicarbon’s engineers can determine the current status of the plant and give advice on possible improvements.

Stami Digital Services

Stamicarbon offers the following services: Consultancy, Maintenance and Training.

Stami Digital market segments

The Stami Digital solutions can be used in the following market segments:

Stami Digital Process Monitor

Process Industry

Stami Digital solutions are dedicated applications developed for the Process Industry including companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, the basic and specialty chemicals sector etc. Stamicarbon offers custom made applications tailored to customer’s requirements. We develop high fidelity and robust dynamic (Protomation) process models according to your requirements. Through a joint development, in which the opinions of system users play a decisive role, we deliver Operator Training Simulators (OTS) which comply with the highest standards of quality.

Stami Digital Academy

Training Centers

If you want to train people Stamicarbon offers you solutions. Depending on the audience we can provide you the right tool to teach. From young students learning the basis of the Process Industry to experienced operators. Stamicarbon can help you to deliver a complete teaching experience, providing you experience, tools and material. When more focus to the professional environment Stamicarbon also offers certifications.



The advantages of implementing an OTS are out of any doubt and most of the new plants count with one. In alliance with the contractor, or with him as customer, an OTS can be built to complement the product delivered to the final client. Even being possible to deliver an OTS before the plant has been finished. Stamicarbon guarantees integral intellectual property protection. Critical process technology information like thermodynamic behavior or chemistry of the process is not exposed to the end users. Protomation Process Manager Module can be used to define access level and rights to users. Typically only access to outer layers of Protomation applications (i.e. Process Instructor and Process Trainee) is allowed to end users. In this way, access is restricted, critical process information is protected, and information available for end users is the same that would be visible in a DCS.

Mechanical Inspection Engineer

DCS Vendors

Stamicarbon has between its services Direct Connected Solutions. Given a DCS Stamicarbon can create a high fidelity model and make everything ready for the model to communicate with the currently installed DCS. With more than 20 years of experience developing high fidelity model Stamicarbon stands out in this field and when talking about Urea has no rival.

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